Learn to DJ

From absolute beginner to club performer, learn to mix with our expert tutors whenever best suits you — all ages welcome.

How it works

Beginners Dj course

A complete crash course introducing your to the knowledge of Djing and various Dj controllers and softwares, this is a course for those who have Zero or No knowledge about Djing.
Price: NGN 150,000  (Special offer)

Intermediate Dj course

Have you been Djing or you want to expand your knowledge, this course takes further into Djing, with CDJ being the sole controller on this course.

Price: NGN 200,000  (Special offer)

Advanced Dj Course

This is a course for those who want to take their Djing to another different level, learn how to use the Turntable in this course and lots more
Price: NGN 350,000 (Special offer)

Music Production

Learn how to record and produce music with our tutorials on digital audio workstations. Our expert training shows how to make a beat, mix a song, use software instruments and create music with multitrack recording software
Price: NGN 300,000  (Special offer)


How long does the course take?

Course duration is five months.

How many times do students receive lectures in a week?
Kaywise Academy Students receive lectures three times in a week.
Are there special classes?
Yes. Special classes are available on request.

Meet our academy tutors

Dj Kaywise

Kaywise who started his career as a Disc Jockey in 2010 after breaking into a mixtape local market at Alaba- Ojo had not stopped here but his continuos effort had made him an A-list DJ in Nigeria. He is known for over 10,000 CD, Mixtape, over 50 online released mixtape and released multiple music and visuals with top class Nigeria and African artistes.

Dj Murbeat

Studied at Osun state polytechnic, started Dj professionally in 2003, he has taught 15 popular Djs in the industry and would be in charge of basics in Djing. Aim of working with Kaywise Academy is to impact more knowledge to the younger generation .

Dj Mellowshe

Studied Electrical Electronics at Federal polytechnic Ado Ekiti, Nysc at Kogi state and became popular through the creation of song remixes. Started Djing professionally in 2007, More of a technical Dj in terms of software on djing and production, both installation and usage .

Dj Ice

Started Djing professionally in 2015, He is a Dj at a high profile Night Club. Was one of the students that learnt under Dj Kaywise and will also like to pass the knowledge across to the younger generation.


Ayorinde Taiwo, an event planner, creative photographer and Cinematographer, a graduate of University of Lagos, teachers student how to understand life in and after djing, branding, crowd control, criticism, handling your social media, get to learn all that.

Academy Graduate Reviews

You'll Learn

→ 1 x 6-hour long session with an expert tutor (including breaks
→ 1 x hour solo-practice time after the lesson
→ 3 x hours of bonus studio credit to practice when you want
→ Free refreshments and snacks